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As stylists working behind the chair, we see you.

We see how you carry yourself differently when you're not feeling good about your hair.  We see how you shrink into yourself, not feeling confident and not wanting the world to see you. We've cried with you while shaving your head for chemo.  We've reassured you that the post-partum shedding will stop soon.  We've asked you to go see your physician because of the changes we've seen in your hair and know that something bigger is going on. We want to help you...to have the answers you're looking for and to empower you to feel and look your best. to heal from the inside so you can glow on the outside.    

we want to help you heal from the inside so you can glow on the outside.

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Scalp + Hair Analysis

Excessive or shock shedding can be induced by many things such as hormonal imbalances, weight fluctuations, illness or surgery, stress, or nutritional deficiencies. The good news: This condition isn't permanent and is likely treatable.

Through a hair and scalp analysis using the latest technology in hair loss care, we'll uncover the cause of your unique situation and create a custom treatment plan that can stabilize your symptoms and promote hair growth. 

This experience also includes follow-up consultations to ensure we're still on the right track for success!

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Additional offerings

01 | Microneedling

Microneedling actives a healing response in the body by releasing platelet-derived growth factors, which regenerate your hair follicles. In conjunction with medical-grade growth serums, we can stimulate hair growth for a healthy head of hair.

Medical-grade treatments are done in-office, with follow-up home treatments available.

02 | Low-Level Laser Therapy

Medical-grade laser therapy can increase blood supply to follicles, providing more oxygen and nutrition to them. This promotes a healthier growth rate and mitochondria stimulation (or energy production) in scalp cells.

03 | Enriched Hair Care

The first step to achieving healthy hair is proper scalp and hair care! We like to call it "skincare for your hair".

Our treatments nourish your scalp with anti-aging nutrients. And our regiments address DHT (a hormone that affects hair follicles), shedding, breakage, density, volume, and can even strengthen hair extensions.

04 | Scalp Detox

Through a scalp detox, we can relieve your follicles of debris, buildup, and unproductive bacteria. This treatment is done by one of my stylists in-salon. You also have the choice of using this as a take-home kit.

05 | Hair Extension Recovery

If you're experiencing traction alopecia caused by improperly installed hair extensions, our Extension Recovery Program is for you. Through micro-needling and support from medical-grade growth factors, we'll heal the scalp and boost hair growth.

This is also a great program for anyone with extensions who want to keep their scalp and hair strong and healthy!


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