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Wellness & Nutrition Program

Ditch the pills (how do you pronounce this chemical?), “magic formula” creams, and the exhausting pursuit of trying to find answers.

It’s time to get to the root cause of your hair loss once and for all

After trying “treatments” (that only masked your symptoms), clearing out your local department store’s shelves of hair loss creams, and getting referred to specialist after specialist… You’re ready for some real answers.

You know by now there’s no quick fix, but that’s OK because you’re ready to discover long-term solutions to your long-standing problem.

If you're looking for a

Holistic and transformational journey

Evidence based techniques for diet and lifestyle management to enable you to become as healthy as possible.

Custom-tailored experience

Customized meal plans based on your personal Follicle Analysis Report to make sure you're getting what you need, and nothing that you don't.

Non-judgmental and supportive space

We want to help you, to have the answers you're looking for and to empower you to feel and look your best, to heal from the inside so you can glow on the outside.

you're in the right place.

The Nurish.d Wellness + Nutrition Program

 Together, we'll create a holistic plan that suggests how to optimize your nutrition with everything you need and nothing you don't.

a tailored experience based on the results of your Follicle Analysis report

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This experience includes several treatment avenues such as…

A 14-Day Detox Program designed to reset and optimize your internal well-being

Hair + Wellness Restoration Program, which uses evidence-based techniques that provides you with tools to optimize your diet and lifestyle

Customized Meal Plans crafted based on your unique Follicle Analysis Report

One-on-One Consultations to check on your progress and for extra support on this journey

Supplements to fill in any nutritional gaps so we can achieve your wellness goals

sound good?

Then Let's Do This.

Get started today by booking a free consultation with us to go over your concerns and goals. 

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